Facebook Groups for Foodies Drive Discovery of Local Restaurants, Provide Help During Storm

During the worst winter storm Dallas has seen in decades, Facebook users found a way to use their love of food to help their neighbors. Since last year, Facebook groups created to promote local restaurants have been doing so with great success. When power outages made food and heat hard to come by, they helped with that too.

Just days after restaurants were ordered to close in March last year, Vu Ly and Tran Loh started the private group Asian Grub in DFDUB (DFW) with a mission to help Asian mom and pop restaurants survive the pandemic. Within six weeks the group had grown to 19,500 members; now it has nearly twice that number.

In the past week, countless posts have shared offers of free food and other assistance. A daily pinned post includes a Google map of open restaurants with a request to add more in the comments.

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