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Local & State Incentive Policies

There are a variety of incentives available through the City of Irving, Dallas County and the State of Texas.

City or Irving/Las Colinas

  • Property Taxes. The City of Irving will consider property tax rebates or abatements for up to 10 years on real and business personal property for qualifying new or expanding companies. Key factors include the number of new jobs, wage levels, type of business, and capital investment.
  • Job Grants. The City of Irving will consider a per-job grant for companies that create high-wage jobs in the City. Like property tax rebates, factors include the number of new jobs, wage levels, type of business, and capital investment.
  • Tax Increment Finance Districts. TIF Districts allow for the reimbursement of certain infrastructure costs including but not limited to water and wastewater, streets, sidewalks, public landscaping, lighting, and drainage. Link to TIF section above
  • Dallas County Utility Reclamation District (DCURD). DCURD created much of Las Colinas’ infrastructure, including its lakes and canals. It maintains these elements and operates amenities such as the Area Personal Transit (APT) System, which connects several buildings and venues in the Urban Center. The district comprises approximately 3,600 acres, including much of the Las Colinas Urban Center. DCURD has its own tax rate and offers generous tax abatements on all new development.
  • Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) 39. Foreign Trade Zone 39 encompasses approximately 2,500 acres of DFW Airport, including a 621-acre business park. FTZ designation allows companies to defer, reduce, or eliminate U.S. Customs duties and reduce inventory and distribution costs. The City of Irving offers additional benefits for new, expanding, or relocating businesses that are within both the FTZ 39 and the Irving city limits
  • Freeport Exemption. The Freeport exemption provides a property tax exemption on inventory that is held in Texas for 175 days or less. The City of Irving will consider the Freeport exemption on a case-by-case basis depending on the value of inventory, location of the project, and number of jobs.
  • Retail Incentives. The City of Irving will consider sales tax and property tax rebates for certain retail projects that fall within the City’s targeted retail list.

Dallas County

Dallas County offers incentives to support economic development for new construction or relocation, expansion, strategic investment, historic preservation and projects deemed economically significant. Dallas County uses incentives to support economic development, including:

  • New construction or relocation
  • Expansion
  • Strategic investment
  • Historic preservation
  • Economically significant

The Irving Economic Development Partnership (IEDP) assists companies with Dallas County’s abatement application and review process, works with County staff to identify applicable incentives, and serves as advocate and liaison through the approval process.

State of Texas

Texas is widely considered one of the most business-friendly states in the nation. Texas’s support for relocating businesses is generous, and includes:

  • Texas Enterprise Fund
  • Skills Development Grant (training)
  • Freeport Exemption
  • Foreign Trade Zone
  • Texas Emerging Technology Fund
  • Texas Workforce Commission Employee Recruitment

Click Here for more information on Texas’s economic development incentive program.