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How Does Irving Measure Up? Here’s a List of Its Top Rankings in 2020

Irving made headlines in 2020 for being a hotspot for millennials on the move and a haven for vegetarians and vegans.

Below are some of the city’s rankings from 2020:

No. 5 among hardest working cities: Personal finance website WalletHub compared the largest U.S. cities across key measures, including average hours worked per week, employment rate, percent of workers leaving vacation time unused and average commute. Irving and Plano ranked in the top 10 hardest-working cities in U.S., followed by other North Texas cities, including Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington.

No. 19 for most livable city: Irving cracked the top 20 for livability, according to SmartAsset, which analyzed unemployment rates, crime statistics, walkability and housing costs as a percentage of income.

No. 14 among the best cities for vegetarians and vegans: Thanks to its culturally diverse dining landscape, Irving beat back major urban centers like Chicago, New York City and Washington, D.C. as one of the best places for vegetarians and vegans. WalletHub developed the ranking by evaluating the share of restaurants serving meatless options, cost of groceries for vegetarians and salad shops per capita.

No. 18 for Millennials on the move: With a net migration rate of 1,918, Irving ranked in the top 20 for Millennial hotspots. SmartAsset used U.S. Census data to rank cities that are gaining — and losing — the most Millennials, or people ages 25 to 39. McKinney and Frisco also made the list.

No. 5 fastest-growing real estate market in Texas: Aceable Agent, which bills itself as the state’s largest online real estate school, ranked Irving. No. 5 in a real estate study, which factored in Census data, population growth, job growth and the length of time houses tend to stay on the market. Flower Mound, Grand Prairie and Fort Worth also fared well.

No. 41 for best place to buy a house: WalletHub ranked 300 cities in its list of best real-estate markets. Cities were evaluated for their vacancy rate, share of newer homes and building permit activities. The 2020 version of the rankings also gave weight to “states with the best health infrastructure for coronavirus.”

No. 6 place to live in Texas: The study published by Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate HomeCity determined the best places to live in the state by looking at quality of life, affordability, growth, food options and parks. It noted that Irving is well-rounded and relatively affordable, with good food.

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