More Las Colinas Buildings Are Sporting Tenant Names

Las Colinas is home to some of North Texas’ biggest businesses. But driving down the freeway through the Irving high-rise district, you won’t see any signs of those major employers.

Tough architectural restrictions that date to the 1980s keep all those flashy business tags off the tops of most of the towers in Las Colinas.

A local office landlord scored a coup recently when it got approvals to add a tenant sign to the top floor of its building at 500 East John Carpenter Freeway.

Owner KOA Partners recently signed an office lease with Waco-based home service franchise firm Neighborly to put its second headquarters in the eight-story building.

KOA Partners CEO Harry Lake said his firm “made history this week as we installed the first top-of-office-building signage approved in Las Colinas.”

For decades, companies have been restricted to putting their business names on freestanding signs outside Las Colinas buildings or on lower-level lettering.

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