Kimberly-Clark Partners With Biotech Innovator RWDC To Develop Sustainable Plastic Alternatives

Diapers made from sugarcane. Sustainable biopolymers. “Biovanescent” materials that break down to water and carbon, leaving no trace. They’re just some of the ways Irving-based Kimberly-Clark is working to solve the world’s single-use plastics problem.

Yesterday the company announced a partnership with Athens, GA- and Singapore-based biotech firm RWDC Industries to advance sustainable technology for consumer products, with RWDC’s source material Solon seen as a key ingredient for change.

The biodegradable plastics startup raised $133 million in a two-stage Series B round last year.

The collaboration combines Kimberly-Clarks experience in nonwoven technologies and resin development with RDWC’s biopolymer solutions, including Solon—a plant-based, polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) source material. When products or packaging are made with PHA, they’re able to biodegrade in soil, fresh water, and marine settings—preventing the accumulation of persistent plastics in the environment.

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