Bioworld Foundation Helps Students Pursue Their Dreams

“I was raised by parents who instilled in me from an early age that it was
virtuous to help everyone around you,” Chief Executive Officer, Rajeev (Raj) Malik said.

“I want to make sure these sponsorship/scholarships enable students to pursue their dreams.” In addition to a generous charitable donation, Mr. Malik’s Foundation also encourages Bioworld employees to get involved in activities and programs that improve the health and welfare of the Irving community.

When asked about the impact of Bioworld’s sponsorship, Level Pathways Executive Director, Bob Harris, said “Our two missions align perfectly and are a great partnership. Bioworld Foundation provided funds, Bioworld Merchandising provides potential employment for our clients, a mentoring
program with Irving ISD students, and both provide awareness that Bioworld is an excellent community partner.”

Irving-based Bioworld Merchandising Inc., and Bioworld Foundation Inc. announced a strategic sponsorship with Level Pathways to help end teen homelessness.