Irving-Based Company Make the IDG Insider Pro and Computerworld ‘Best Places to Work in IT’ List

As companies begin to reshape the traditional workplace model and innovate their approach to employee gratification, many are turning to benefits outside the office to attract and retain top talent. According to IDG’s Insider Pro, what’s key to being an attractive company is “remuneration and benefits”—and some do it better than their competitors.

Insider Pro delivers IT research, analysis, reviews and more for IT professionals. It believes factors like job progression, training, diversity, sustainability, and opportunities for development are becoming ever more important to offering a great place to work. That’s perpetually true in a post-pandemic world.

That’s why, for the 28th rendition of its Best Places to Work in IT report, the team decided to evaluate what IT professionals want from their job now that the world of work has changed, and “which employers are investing in their futures.”

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