Irving Teen Starts Own Business And Gives Back To Community

Sixteen-year-old Syed Ashraf is no ordinary teen. Syed founded and runs the online business Livwell Trendz.

After a year of being indoors playing video games due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Syed was tired of the routine. Early in 2021, he approached his parents with a request. He wanted to make money for his college education and to help families in need.

Syed’s parents were impressed and proud of their son’s desire to work and help others. They brainstormed several ideas and finally settled on one that Syed liked. Syed established an online business buying a few items from a clothing manufacturer and selling on eBay. To their surprise, Syed made a $300 profit in the first month. They witnessed the commitment of their son. He was talking to manufacturers, posting items to sell, packaging, and mailing.

Instead of spending his profits, Syed wanted his online business to grow so he reinvested those profits into the business.

Today, Syed is one of the top-rated sellers on eBay and has customers across the US.

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