Signature Biologics Expands Its Irving Footprint With a New Manufacturing and R&D Headquarters

Irving-headquartered Signature Biologics, which manufactures perinatal-derived products that improve the body’s natural healing processes, is growing its operations with a new 36,000-square-foot manufacturing and R&D headquarters.

The newly constructed space, also located in Irving, will feature 16,000 square feet of designated manufacturing laboratory space and 7,500 square feet of R&D space. The company said the design mirrors its transparency in business: The facility has an open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows into its manufacturing and R&D laboratories.

Signature Biologics plans to keep its current home base as an auxiliary location. There, the team will manage product demands and train future and new employees.

“We’re excited to share this physical progress in our new facility as an outward expression of our dedication and pursuit of excellence in putting biologics to work meeting unmet clinical needs,” Founder and CEO Dr. Riordan said in a statement. “We’ve taken care to make visiting this new facility educational, transparent, and showcase our greatest asset; our brilliant employees who bring our science to the world.”

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