Williams Square Plaza Reconstruction Project Progresses on Schedule

Excitement grows as the Irving Williams Square Plaza reconstruction project progresses on schedule with a projected spring 2022 completion date. The $7.8 million Capital Improvement Program project, located in the heart of Irving’s Urban Center, will soon transform into a pedestrian-friendly destination where visitors from all will enjoy the refinished iconic mustangs plus a variety of improved plaza amenities.

Significant repairs to the infrastructure are currently underway including replacing the pumps, valves, controls and piping for the entire fountain with new spray jets and lighting within the fountain basin. The new piping is heavy-duty and built to last for many years. Crews also are working on a new water supply line and completely reworking the electrical supply to provide enhanced lighting within the plaza for added security at night.

Upon completion, Williams Square Plaza will welcome guests with enhanced landscaping, including three 10-by-10-foot waterproof tree wells that will hold 30-foot Bur oak trees. In addition, the city is adding several shaded seating areas, a large stage area in front of the north tower, an ADA-compliant access ramp and an elevated viewing platform in front of the west tower, providing a unique view of the Mustangs of Las Colinas – a perfect photo-op experience!

Presented by The City of Irving.