Exela Expands Relationship with a Large Technology Services Provider for Medicaid Programs

Exela Technologies, Inc. (“Exela”) (NASDAQ: XELA) today announced it has augmented an existing relationship with a large technology services provider for several Medicaid programs across the nation. The initial component of the expansion is valued in excess of $2.5M.

This deployment builds on a 25-year partnership and leverages Exela’s PCH Global platform and expertise in delivering payment integrity, collections and revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions. PCH Global deployment will connect providers, Medicaid agencies and members to help drive clean claims and significantly reduce the need for retrospective collections.

Exela continues to invest in increasing PCH Global’s capabilities to provide a cloud hosted solution with one of the best edit resolutions for healthcare claims. This extension of deployment marks another milestone in the value proposition of the PCH Global platform to digitally connect members, providers and insurance companies to enable clean claims, payment transparency and digital appeals. PCH Global’s cloud network also offers increased scalability, the highest uptime and best business continuity protections. PCH Global has robust data analytics which are continually improving as Exela processes more and more data. Additionally, PCH Global’s improved data analytics can be accessed via a self-service model.

“We are proud of our long tenured partnership and this expansion is aligned to the ultimate goal of building stronger, healthier communities across the country,” said Suresh Yannamani, President of Exela. Adding “adoption of our PCH Global platform continues to address the healthcare industry’s goal to deliver the most efficient, cost effective and best healthcare to members.”

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