Mainstage Irving-las Colinas Presents Ken Ludwig’s Hilarious Comedy SHERWOOD: THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD

MainStage Irving-Las Colinas is pleased to announce the performances dates and cast of their upcoming production of Ken Ludwig’s play Sherwood: The Adventures of Robin Hood. Filled with swashbuckling adventure, amorous exploits, and good triumphing over evil, this brightly colored, lighthearted take on the legend of Robin Hood is sure to bring merriment to audiences of all ages!

Of the swashbuckling adventure, Director Andi Allen states, “I’ve been a fan of the legend of Robin Hood in all its past TV and film versions since I was a child. I think it was the sense of rebellion he exemplified and the idea that we should always be responsible for the entire community, especially if you are someone with power and wealth. And if the powerful and wealthy don’t take that responsibility, then maybe we should ‘help’ them learn to do that. And I love a good sword fight. Every time I’ve had the chance to be in a sword fight onstage, I felt like Robin Hood.” Allen concludes “What I love about this version of the legend is that it combines some great swashbuckling with comedy, heart, and a modern sensibility.”

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