New Asian Restaurant in Irving-Las Colinas Will Spotlight the Best Thai-Laotian Street Foods

An exciting restaurant combining two glorious Asian cuisines is coming to the Heritage District in Irving: Called The Padaek, it’s opening at 120 S. Main St., where it will serve Thai and Laotian specialties and street food, and it’s opening in mid-February.

The founders include husband-and-wife Art and Manee Suttisaragara, both from Thailand; and another couple, Pithananan “Pete” Saosud, who is Thai, and his wife Khonemany “KC” Chanthasone, a chef who is Loatian and is an expert at Laotian dishes.

They’ll be bringing together homestyle recipes for some of their homelands’ spiciest dishes.

According to Saosud, the restaurant is named for padaek, a Lao fermented fish sauce that’s used in Som Tum, the classic papaya salad beloved in both Thai and Laotian cuisines.

He says that padaek is almost like a secret handshake for the Laotian and Thai communities.

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