Vintage Valentine Tea Rick And Melanie Stopfer 2002 Heritage Society Sweethearts

Though some guests were miles apart, many gathered via Zoom for the annual Vintage Valentine Tea sponsored by the Irving Heritage Society on Sunday, February 13. Guests were welcomed by tea committee chair Karen Martin. Several guests came attired with their favorite hat and red outfit.

Heritage Society Past President (and past Sweetheart) Lea Bailey provided a pictorial parade of the past Sweethearts from over the years since the organization was founded in 1978. A musical serenade of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” was sung by a male quartet from the Irving Silvertones made up of Woody Schober, Bob Harper, Will James, and Gary Schepf.

Artist Sharice Williams had made a “cutting” of a silhouette of one of the honorees and this video was shown to the guests. This unique art form is limited to a very few artists today. In just a very few minutes, the profile and details of glasses, necktie, and collar were captured by swiftly cutting them out of black paper with very small scissors.

As President Carol Little began to read the many contributions of service given to the Irving Heritage Society by the honorees, guests began to figure out the persons to be identified. Photos from over the years of participating with Heritage Society events were shared. Heritage Society 2016 – 2017 President Rick Stopfer and wife Melanie Stopfer were announced as this year’s Sweethearts.

Last year’s Sweethearts Cynthia Sharp and Bob Bourgeois asked the guests to raise their cup of tea for a toast to the new honorees. Flowers of Las Colinas served as a sponsor.

Presented by Irving Heritage Society.