Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) Recognizes Jim Hrmcir, of Las Colinas Pharmacy, Compounding and Wellness, as the Pharmacist of the Year in its Annual Showcase of Success Series

Pharmacy Development Services (PDS) recognized Las Colinas Pharmacy in Irving, TX its annual Super-Conference, Showcase of Success series, for overcoming adversity throughout the pandemic.

Each year, PDS recognizes one pharmacy owner based on their commitment to the well-being of patients in the community and their contributions to the industry, their dedication to moving the pharmacy profession forward, and for being a role model to others in the independent pharmacy field with the Pharmacist of the Year Award. This year, PDS is proud to announce Jim Hrmcir, of Las Colinas Pharmacy, as the 2022 Pharmacist of the Year.

Jim and Jan Hrncir opened the doors to Las Colinas Pharmacy, Compounding and Wellness in 1984. The pharmacy’s compounding activities have been accredited by PCAB since 2014 and Jim has formulated compounds that are widely used throughout the United States.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jim continued to push for business growth. Recognizing that positivity starts with management, Jim took the lead to inspire hope amongst his staff, teaching courage and compassion while facing the fears of the unknown future.

With the support of his staff and a passion for innovation, Jim created SuppaRx, an algorithm that makes personal supplement and alternative medicine recommendations for his patients, and the Defenders of Freedom Project, an initiative that helps veterans with traumatic brain injuries. Jim and the Las Colinas Pharmacy team truly embraced the spirit of the community pharmacy.

Jim attributes his success as a pharmacy owner to his PDS team. “I’m clinically minded, not a businessman. People like Shannon help me wrap my head around things that are not natural to me as a pharmacist. My PDS team taught me I had to quit being everything to everybody. I began delegating responsibilities to my staff and it was amazing to see them shine. This frees up my time for me to work on my business.” 

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