Renters Are Flocking To Irving-Las Colinas

Two Dallas suburbs are hotspots for renters on the move, according to a new study.

Reviewing 3.4 million rental applications from 2021, Storage Cafe studied net migration rates to determine where renters are moving — and where they’re fleeing.

The results? Irving topped the nationwide list, with Lewisville coming in second. Dallas ranked No. 17 and Austin No. 18.

For every renter who left Irving in 2021, 3.2 people arrived, the study says. And for every renter who left Lewisville and Dallas, 2.5 and 2.4 people moved in, respectively.

“Irving comes out as the city that most appeals to renters,” writes Storage Cafe, a nationwide storage space marketplace. “Home to a quarter of a million residents, it checks many boxes.”

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