The Ranch at Las Colinas Leans on Locally Sourced Ingredients to Fill Plates

A singer strummed his guitar and poured his heart out over the microphone at The Ranch at Las Colinas, while diners enjoyed steak and margaritas.

Every Tuesday through Saturday, this otherwise quiet restaurant becomes a venue with live music hitting the stage at 7 p.m.

The restaurant isn’t just a normal Texas shindig, though. Crabmeat sourced from Mr. Fish in Plano and spring mix plucked in Denton are just some examples of the restaurant’s commitment to getting top-shelf ingredients while supporting the community by obtaining locally sourced ingredients.

“We get as much as we can from local vendors and supplement with the larger ones as needed,” says Jorge Rivera, chef de cuisine at The Ranch.

Naturally, the locally-sourced proportions change with the seasons. During the spring and summer, the restaurant gets lettuce from a small farm, but in the winter it has to switch vendors to make sure customers can still fill orders.

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