Irving Will Require Short-Term Rentals to Register With City, Pay Annual Fee

Short-term rentals in Irving will be required to register and pay an annual fee as part of an effort by the city to regulate properties listed on Airbnb, VRBO and other platforms.

The changes come as some neighbors in cities across North Texas have complained of noise, parties and poor maintenance, among other issues, at short-term rentals.

By Oct. 1, owners and operators in Irving must register their property, pay a $200 annual fee and provide emergency, 24-hour contact information for themselves or an agent who can be reached should an issue arise.

Failing to comply could result in a $500-a-day fine, city documents say.

The city estimates the fees will add up to roughly $34,000 a year, according to city documents, which would come from an estimated 170 rentals.

In a prepared statement, the city said the new regulations will ensure short-term rentals “operate in a way that protects the quality of life in neighborhoods.”

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