Irving Community Invited To Provide Input On Proposed Design Of The New Central Fire Station

Irving was still in its infancy when the state fire insurance board recommended it would need the assistance of 20 men to serve as its volunteer fire force. A population scant of 400 living just west of Dallas’ reach in the 1920s, Irving was quickly progressing into a thriving town complete with a water system, electric service, school district and a volunteer fire department.

Since its humble beginnings operating one fire engine in a dirt-road town, the Irving Fire Department has flourished. Operating at 12 fire stations across the city’s 68 square miles, 378 sworn firefighters serve more than 256,000 residents. Now, the department is looking to honor its historical beginnings with plans to build a new Central Fire Station in place of the former station at 132 E. Second Street.

The $6.9 million project is still in the initial stages of architectural design and development. However, the city anticipates that the station’s red bay doors will once again lift and serve the Irving Heritage District by 2024.

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