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Irving ISD Teacher Celebrating 50 Years with the District

If you are lucky enough to take Latin in Irving ISD, there’s a 100% chance you’d have Ann Price-Ouzts as your teacher.

“I am the only Latin teacher at the Irving Independent School District,” Price-Ouzts said.

To her students, she’s Ms. Price. That was her name when she started, nearly 50 years ago.

It takes a special kind of person to teach. But it’s something even more special to dedicate your entire life to the calling.

This coming week, she celebrates her 50th anniversary teaching for the district.

“I knew that when I was maybe two years old, I wanted to be a teacher… each student brings something new to me,” she said.

Price-Ouzts says she sometimes likes to reminisce on the things that have changed over the years like hairstyles, clothes, and technology. For her, the hardest thing is to watch people go.

“And I will probably cry the entire first day. But maybe my students will keep me laughing,” she said.

But there is one thing she says that will always stay the same… her love for it all.

“I don’t want to quit,” Price-Ouzts said through tears. “I love the kids and I love teaching Latin.”