Vistra Launches First-of-its-Kind Solution For Electric Vehicle Owners

Irving-Based Vistra today announced the launch of a new, innovative, technology-enabled retail electricity product. Through its flagship brand, TXU Energy, the company is offering a first-of-its-kind plan that uses electric vehicle data to allow free home charging – every day – and provides power backed by 100% renewable sources for all home energy needs.

“We understand that one of the key hurdles consumers have when it comes to electric vehicles is understanding how charging the vehicle will work and the impact it will have on an electricity bill,” said Scott Hudson, president of Vistra’s retail division. “Through TXU Energy Free EV Miles℠, we are creating a custom experience that makes it easy for customers to manage their energy consumption for home and EV while increasing the value of their EVs by charging them for free during the most convenient hours of the day.”

With TXU Energy Free EV Miles℠, customers get to drive more miles for less money with a 100% discount on all home EV charging every evening from 7 p.m. through 1 p.m. the next day – 125 hours each week for free. Customers will see their free charging usage and free miles on each monthly billing statement. If an owner needs to charge outside of the free hours, they will pay a simple, fixed rate – the same as the rest of their home.

Hudson continued, “The technology behind this product, which allows customers to manage their EVs separate from whole home energy consumption, opens the door to endless possibilities. Vistra looks forward to partnering with customers in all deregulated markets to provide custom solutions that make going electric the easy, smart choice. We’re excited to continue Vistra’s leadership in the EV space and accelerate the adoption of these clean vehicles – a critical element of our country’s energy transition.”