Amazon One introduces palm payment option at Whole Food Markets in Irving and Highland Village

Amazon One has introduced its palm payment option at the Whole Foods Market locations in Highland Village and Irving which will allow shoppers to pay with just a scan of their palm, the company announced.

Customers must link their credit or debit card to Amazon One to access the service which is protected by multiple security controls. Palm images are never stored on the Amazon device.

In the coming weeks, Whole Foods Market locations in Arlington, Bellingham, Colleyville, Dallas, Fairview, Fort Worth, Highland Park, Plano and Richardson will offer the Amazon One palm payment options to customers.

In October, Amazon One introduced its palm payment option in the new Hudson Nonstop travel store at the DFW International Airport.

In September, Texas A&M University was the first to get Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” tech in college sports.

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