Irving-Based 7-Eleven Delivery Robots Hit the Streets

Robotic deliveries have the potential to ease some labor problems for c-stores, assuming, as HNGRY pointed out, that the robots perform as well or better than humans. Serve claims that, with over 20,000 deliveries completed, it “has attained exceptional on-time delivery, fulfillment, and customer satisfaction metrics.”

The plan is for this test to eventually spread to other locations. 

“7-Eleven and Serve invested significant resources into integrating our robots with the 7NOW app with the ambition to scale this partnership,” said the spokesperson.

Serve delivery robots can carry up to 50 liters and have cupholders to stabilize drinks and enough space for four pizza boxes, according to its website. They can navigate autonomously through a series of sensors, or can be piloted remotely. When reaching its destination, the robot’s compartment requires a passcode to open. The robots pollute less than an internal-combustion-engine vehicle making the same delivery, the site claims.

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