Irving-Based Vistra Announces Connected Conservation Program to Expand Demand Response in Texas

Vistra (NYSE: VST) today announced the expansion of its residential demand response program in Texas, enabling any customer with a compatible smart thermostat to participate in real-time enhancement of grid reliability. This network of customers with connected devices can automatically reduce their power consumption when electricity demand is high – helping to balance supply and demand – a crucial and flexible component in meeting the growing power needs of Texans.

Through Vistra’s flagship brand, the new TXU Energy Connected ConservationSM program enables anyone with an eligible thermostat to take a more significant role in energy conservation. By agreeing to small, gradual, automatic temperature adjustments during peak consumption periods, customers will help conserve energy across Texas – using less and saving more.

“Texas consumes more electricity than any state in the country, and as the state’s population grows and more products are electrified, that appetite for electricity grows along with it,” said Sam Sen, vice president of Vistra’s energy transition solutions team. “Programs like TXU Energy Connected ConservationSM empower savvy consumers to save money and be part of the solution, making it possible to pool their collective action and reduce electricity demand across the state when the grid needs it most.”

With TXU Energy Connected ConservationSM, customer thermostats will be automatically adjusted by no more than a few degrees for a short period of time. The program is designed with the customer in mind, offering total flexibility to opt out of a conservation event anytime and control the thermostat manually.  

Sen continued, “Vistra is fully committed to continuing our leadership in the energy transition. We want to make smart devices even smarter – enabling our customers to use their thermostats, electric vehicles, and solar panels already in their homes as tools to better meet their energy needs. As customer homes continue to electrify, this program will be able to flex, offering even more opportunities to reduce energy use and save.”