Vistra Generation Helping ERCOT Meet Record Demand

Vistra CEO Jim Burke said Wednesday that Luminant’s generating fleet has performed well amid Texas’ ongoing heat wave, which has led to multiple demand records this summer. ‘The units are running hard. There’s no end in sight for this heat that we’re in,’ Burke told analysts during the company’s quarterly conference call. ‘The team is doing a terrific job keeping these units online, and I would say overall, the ERCOT grid and the operators have done a nice job keeping the grid supplied. It’s a daily focus for us.’ The Texas grid operator has set three new highs for average hourly demand this week, breaking 84 GW for the first time Thursday at 84.51 GW. That broke records set Monday and Wednesday at 83.85 GW and 83.96 GW, respectively. All three demand peaks are unofficial until settlements are made.
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