Irving-Based Caris Life Sciences and ConcertAI Form Broad Partnership Creating Industry-Leading Molecular Oncology Research Platform to Accelerate Drug Development and Novel Research

Caris Life Sciences®(Caris), the leading molecular science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology company actively developing and delivering innovative solutions to revolutionize healthcare, and ConcertAI, the leading oncology real-world evidence data and AI technology company, announced a unique partnership to align the two companies’ oncology capabilities. The collaboration creates one of the largest translational and clinical development research platforms aimed at supporting and accelerating biopharmaceutical drug development and novel therapeutic research.

Unprecedented Molecular and Clinical, Multi-modal Data at Population Scale

As the pioneer in precision medicine and molecular profiling, Caris has created a molecular-rich, real-world database of hundreds of thousands of cases that include genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic data. Caris was the first in the industry to provide Whole Exome Sequencing DNA coverage and Whole Transcriptome Sequencing RNA coverage (WES / WTS) for every patient, which includes mutations, copy number variations, insertions and deletions, fusions and variant transcripts, as well as genomic signatures for gLOH, MSI, HRD, TMB, Caris FOLFIRSTai™, and Caris GPSai™.

ConcertAI has the largest collection of research-grade clinical data in oncology, hematology and urological cancers, representing the treatment and outcomes of almost seven million patients, partnering with healthcare providers and medical societies around the world.  The company’s Patient360™ specification has emerged as the reference standard for leading biopharma and other research groups. In addition, the company’s AI SaaS solutions for clinical trial design and clinical development studies have emerged as the leading solution for next generation precision oncology trials. 

Two Companies, One Unified Approach

David Spetzler, MS, PhD, MBA, Caris’ President and Chief Scientific Officer, said: “As precision oncology continues to evolve, Caris’ cutting-edge work on tumor biology and molecular biomarkers combined with ConcertAI’s definitive clinical data at scale will have broad implications in the discovery and development of novel signatures and therapeutic options for patients across a range of tumor types.” 

Jeff Elton, PhD, MBA, ConcertAI’s Chief Executive Officer, added: “By leveraging Caris’ expansive real-world clinico-genomic database and ConcertAI’s large clinical data of multiple types (EMR, Imaging, Medical Claims), our biopharma partners are able to uncover new insights into the underpinnings of cancer biology, translate these insights with confidence into the clinic, and define clear clinical development strategies for enhancing patient clinical outcomes.” 

While detailed partnership terms have not been disclosed, as part of the partnership, the two organizations will also align their scientific talent and AI SaaS technologies to the research objectives of their academic and biopharma partners.